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Jelena und Patrick Zenger
Flat in Lielupe, 2023

We would like to thank Mercury Group, especially Kristina for her help with the property selection in Jurmala. Thank you for your professionalism, kindness, and understanding of all the nuances of property selection. Wonderful work!!!Thank you!

Olga, Ukraine.
Квартира., 2023

Очень довольна услугами компании в подборе квартиры. В особенности огромное спасибо риэлтору Кристине за проделанную работу. Учла все пожелания и нюансы. Сделка прошла великолепно!

Квятковская Анастасия, Украина.
Дом в Юрмале. Private house in Jurmala., 2023

Имея уже немалый опыт в переездах и поисках жилья в разных странах, с удовольствием хочу порекомендовать Тамару как лучшего риелтора! Она сумела объединить свой профессионализм и человеческие качества, почувствовала нашу семью и услышала, что именно нам необходимо, и подобрала нам не просто замечательную недвижимость, а место, которое можно назвать своим домом. Очень ценим отношение Тамары к работе и к нашей семье, и еще раз благодарим за помощь в поиске жилья, и умению порадоваться вместе в нами!

Peder Nordang, Norway.
Apartment in Riga., 2023

Amazing and quick service. Very easy communication and always helpful staff. Had to get an apartment on a very short notice, where the company was quick and flexible to provide multiple options. Would recommend

Erika Butler, USA.
Home rental., 2023

I am writing to provide feedback about Inna. Inna is one of the best agents we have ever worked with! She went above and beyond to ensure we found an incredible place for our family. She was always very responsive, knowledgeable, and just wonderful to work with. I can’t say enough about the high level of service and support she provided our family in this transition. I highly recommend her and Mercury Group Estate!

Квартира в Риге, 2023

Безмерно благодарен компании за помощь в подборе квартиры для аренды в Риге. Особенно хотел бы отметить и поблагодарить менеджера Кристину, которая мгновенно включилась в работу и, уточнив наши предпочтения, предоставила список объектов, которые могли бы нас заинтересовать. Коммуникация с клиентами – на высшем уровне! Результат – заключение сделки! P.S.: Понравились комментарии Кристины, в которых отмечалась особенность того или иного объекта, например: «эта квартира в жизни выглядит гораздо красивее», «а в этой квартире установлен газовый котел, который сэкономит вам на оплате коммунальных услуг» и т.д.))

Jeffrey, USA
Villa rent in Kadaga, Latvia., 2023

I want to leave a strong positive endorsement for Inna who handled my rental transaction here in Latvia. She is the best! Very personable and professional. Highly recommended.

Anne Sofie Andersen, Denmark.
, 2023

Ksenia from the Mercury Group was recommended to me from another Danish citizen. I took the advice and was definitely not disappointed. Ksenia has a great personality, acts extremely professional and we felt safe and taken care of all the way through the process of finding our apartment in Riga. The communication was flawless and we were grateful to have her at our side to help with the formalities of going through the contract etc. We haven't used an agent to help for an apartment search before, but after this experience we will not hesitate to do so again. We give Ksenia our warmest recommendations.

Barış & Lina Kara
, 2023

We have contacted Mercury Group while looking for investment opportunities in Latvia in order to obtain residency permit. Upon our first contact, we were greeted with a professional yet friendly manner. It was evident to us from the very beginning that Mercury Group was a team of professionals that take their job and their clients very seriously, however when we were assigned with our personal agent Tamara Nikiforova, we have realized that their good qualities as professionals in the real estate business extend even further than just their definition of work. Tamara is kind, gentle and was very knowledgeable about every step we had to take. She has made sure that we took these steps very comfortably, providing us with her support at every step we took. Her demeanor and presence in advising us as her clients made us feel safe to move forward. We felt comfortable in seeking her counsel and help whenever we needed, and she went beyond and further than what any other person would have done to reach out with a helping hand. Apart from her professional adequacy in finding us suitable options and working cooperatively with our lawyer which she has referred us to, she has very graciously extended her help for other issues that may be considered to be outside a real estate agent's scope of work, like accommodation around the city. It was a pleasure working with Tamara during our search, and it would be fair to say that she has helped us find a new home, just as warm as the numerous cups of coffee she has generously shared with us. She is still offering her support to us even though our business has been concluded. We are very happy to have met her, and we would like to think that she is an outstanding representative of all the good qualities that other members of Mercury Group share within.

Marlo Pothmann, Germany.
Apartment in Riga, 2023

I was very pleased about the friendly and fast support that I got from my handler. Would recommend to anyone.

Bernd Weiser and family
Moving to LV in July 2023, 2023

Doing a new step, moving in a foreign country can be challenging, especially if you look for a convenient accommodation. Our family was taken on hand and got to fully relayabl support of Mercury. Our special thanks get to Inna Kolupajeva who managed everything for us. She did not only an outstanding job, moreover, she was a great and any time relayabl ambassador of her company and country. We appreciate such help and kindness. With her permanent support, also besides accommodation search, she was the best manager we can imagine. Thank you at all. If you plan to move to LV or you have any questions concerning real estate, she will be your best point of contact. Thx.

Андрей Костенко
Дом близнец в Дрейлини, 2023

Добрый день, нам очень помогла Инна в сдаче нашего объекта недвижимости в долгосрочную аренду, подсказала правильную цену аренды, подготовила все необходимые документы для завершения сделки, все было четко и вовремя, мы остались очень довольны сервисом, вниманием, Инне большое спасибо

Bernadette Jäger
House in Latvia., 2023

We had the pleasure of working with exceptional housing agent Alisa who truly exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, she demonstrated remarkable accessibility and a wealth of knowledge. What stood out most was her genuine emphasis on understanding our needs and bringing her own creative ideas to the table. Her proactive approach was truly impressive - whether it was providing immediate answers or swiftly gathering information, even for inquiries that weren't initially within her scope. When challenges arose, her composed demeanor and unwavering assistance were invaluable. She displayed an exceptional ability to consider multiple viewpoints, dedicating the time needed to navigate and resolve any issues. Thanks to her dedication, we eventually found our dream flat. I'm looking forward to our ongoing collaboration. Her professionalism, resourcefulness, and patient problem-solving have truly set a high standard for housing agents.

Ļuba Duka, Latvia.
Privātmāja Kadagā, 2023

Sadarbība ar mākleri Innu bija patīkama un rezultaīva. Visi jautājumi tika atbildēti un nokārtoti bez kavēšanās un profesionāli.

Taras Kosarev, Russia.
Apartment in Riga, 2023

We would like to especially thank Kristina Toconova who help us with top level of professionalism gaining win-win results in our long term rent agreement. We are sure that such highly professional approach always form long term cooperation for future years. Best regards, Taras & Marina

Mohammed Alnasari, Sweden.
Apartment in Riga, 2023

When i started to search for a place to live in Riga and planed to move from Sweden. Have been in contact with many estates agents from Riga. Mercury Group was the finest between all of them, most comfortable to speak with, gave all help and recommendations all the time. They have been with me all the way and answer me very quickly even during their vacation. They are very helpful and organised. I Will recommend Mercury Group to all of you who is reading my review. big thanks to Mercury Group!

Aleksandrs Eigims, Latvia.
Квартира в Риге, 2023

Смело рекомендую услуги маклера. Сделка с покупкой квартиры прошла без запинки, эффективно, с индивидуальным подходом к поиску быстрых, эффективных и удобных решений по всем этапам сделки.

Grigory Gruba, Russia.
Apartments purchase in Riga and Jurmala., 2023

Сотрудничаю с компанией с 2019 года , по вопросам покупки и продажи недвижимости , а также по после продажному обслуживанию ( сдача в аренду) . За это время сталкивался с другими риэлторами и в других странах, хочу сказать что Ваша команда , для меня является образцом !!!! Как в подборе объектов так и в сопровождении сделки , когда ты с одним человеком ( я имею в виду Вашего специалиста , а именно Паулину Олейникову) решаешь все вопросу возникающие в процессе сделки, а вопросов не мало, особенно в наше неспокойное временя когда и ситуация и законы меняются постоянно. И надо отметить что все решения Вы предлагаете сами, мало того и реализуете их. Поэтому вопроса доверия к компании ( а компанию предоставляют конкретные люди , это Паулина Олейникова) не возникает. По работе в Латвии рекомендую именно Вашу компанию!!! Огромное спасибо за работу . Очень надеюсь что продолжу наше с Вами плодотворное сотрудничество! И лично Паулине огромная благодарность !!!!

Bekhruz Shamuk
, 2023

Отличная компания, с отличными и отзывчивыми сотрудниками, нам очень понравилось работать с этой компанией. Удачи вам!

Аселина, Киргизия.
, 2023

Спасибо большое компании - а особенно агенту Кристине, - за оперативную и слаженную работу в условиях жесткого временного ценза и моих особых требований)). Все было сделано вовремя и как надо: квартира найдена, договор подписан. Клиент остался вполне доволен!! А самое главное, связь клиент-агент не прервалась, и я могу получить консультации у Кристины по многим вопросам, связанным с проживанием в Латвии. А что еще нужно "капризным" клиентам? Конечно, внимание)

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