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Golf as a lifestyle

Golf is an elite sport. Golf courses are popular not only among lovers of sports and luxury holidays, but also among those who lead a refined and sophisticated lifestyle. After all, golf is not just a field, balls, clubs and easy excitement, but also an excellent investment in luxury real estate, which is in demand regardless of external economic and political factors.

Wealthy people in Europe prefer golf residences as housing or a country house. Why? Because buying a home with a golf view is more than just real estate. This is a whole area of ​​prosperous life. A life where everything worked out. Having your home in a golf residence does not necessarily mean playing golf, it does mean enjoying life to the fullest.

In addition, the number of golf courses is limited. Therefore, golf real estate will always be in value.

Why are golf resorts so unique and attractive?

Golf residences

First, it's beautiful. The TV often broadcasts reports from golf courses. Where everything is perfect. And most importantly, of course, perfectly trimmed lawns. Near the hole, the grass is cut daily and its height is only 1 mm!

Golf courses are surrounded by lakes and forests. Ducks and swans swim in the lakes. Birds chirp in the forests. And this unique smell of living and pure nature.

And all this against the backdrop of mountains and premium complexes of the same style. A luxury city within a city.

“Life in paradise” is what everyone who enters this wonderful place says. And your neighbors greet you from their terraces with a glass of good wine.

By the way, about the environment. Usually, people of the same class, so to speak, settle in golf residences. By age, level of income and education, mentality and spiritual values. Gentlemen and Gentlewomen. Here you can meet many celebrities: famous football players, tennis players, Formula 1 racers. Yes, they play golf.

In these elite towns, everyone is polite and respectful to each other. If they see that you are new, they will approach you and introduce themselves. And then they introduce you to all their neighbors. There is always a pleasant friendly atmosphere of well-being. It is customary to invite neighbors and visit with a bottle of good wine and pastries. Watch golf and football tournaments together.

Of course, the main common hobby is golf. Suitable for all ages. Healthy outdoor play. And it's not as simple as you think. Try with a stick, more than a meter long, hit, for example, an egg ...

Walk about 10 km through the hills. You can also drag clubs behind you on a trolley, while maintaining complete peace of mind! And the hit won't work.

But don't worry. The golf residences have their own schools to teach every inhabitant of the mastersque how to play golf - the game of billionaires!

Infrastructure. Golf residences in Europe generally have good four or five star hotels for your friends. Restaurants with high cuisine. Fitness with its own sports program. Swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzi, SPA and massages. In one residence, they even make their own huge lake with blue water, like in the Caribbean, and a white sand beach. Everywhere is full of life and pleasant communication.

The Resident Club will perform any service and solve all problems. Calling a taxi, receiving mail, cleaning your house, renting out, repairing, etc.

At the residence's concierge service, you can find out where good restaurants are, how to spend your leisure time, and which celebrity is coming this weekend.

The golf residence is like a small kind city hall. And this is where the upcoming events are planned: wine testing, hiking in the mountains, a lesson with the chef of a Michelin restaurant, and much more.

Safety. 24 hour security. The guards of the residence deserve special attention. They will always greet you at the entrance to the residence, tell the guests how to get to you. Cars are not closed here. And if you didn’t close the terrace when leaving, then it’s okay too. There are no “non-friends” here. And “ours” will not even come to mind to go into someone else's house. Education won't allow it.

We bring to your attention exclusive residential complexes with access to the golf course and magnificent views of the endless plains of green fields.

Golf residences in Spain

Golf residences in Latvia

We have access to off-market properties and closed sales in golf-residences. To select exclusive real estate, contact us

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Properties in Spain

  • ID: ES-78377
  • Luxury propery price 800 000 EUR 800 000 EUR
Commerce •
  • Property location Spain, Madrid
  • Area 120 m2
  • ID: ES-72980
  • Luxury propery price 1 800 000 EUR 1 800 000 EUR
House •
  • Property location Spain, Costa Brava, Caldes de Malavella
  • Area 265 m2
  • Land area 700 m2
  • Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
  • ID: ES-68338
  • Luxury propery price 499 000 EUR 499 000 EUR
Apartment •
  • Property location Spain, Costa Blanca, Altea Hills
  • Area 316 m2
  • Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
  • ID: ES-68314
  • Luxury propery price 750 000 EUR 750 000 EUR
House •
  • Property location Spain, Costa Blanca, Moraira
  • Area 495 m2
  • Land area 950 m2
  • Bedrooms 8 bedrooms
  • ID: ES-62192
  • Luxury propery price 230 000 EUR 230 000 EUR
Apartment •
  • Property location Spain, Costa Blanca, Benidorm
  • Area 110 m2
  • Bedrooms 2 bedrooms
  • ID: ES-61959
  • Luxury propery price 395 000 EUR 395 000 EUR
Apartment •
  • Property location Spain, Costa Blanca, Denia
  • Area 253 m2
  • Bedrooms 3 bedrooms
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  • ID: GR-62045
  • Luxury propery price 2 700 000 EUR 2 700 000 EUR
  • Property location Greece, Sounthern Aegean islands, Mykonos
  • Area 460 m² m2
  • Land area 4170 m² m2
  • Bedrooms 6 bedrooms
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  • Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
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