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Why us?

Mercury Group Ltd. has been operating in the real estate market since 2000. During this time, many successful transactions with international real estate have been concluded in about 20 countries.


Our considerable experience in various real estate segments ranging from premium class estate properties to major investments and estate selling, accredits our company as one of the top international estate agencies. Mercury Group's philosophy is based on high ethical and management standards, which are employed daily, when collaborating with our partners and clients. We need to surpass ourselves, be the best in terms of quality of service, and permanently develop our knowledge and practice.

Exclusive database

The Company has created an exclusive database, which is constantly updated by latest offers. Our specialists regularly investigate foreign estate market and catalogue them thoroughly. All properties are valued by experts against international elite estate standards.

In course of selecting a property, we consider the location, infrastructure, individual architectural, and interior concepts, and cash on cash of commercial and residential property. Only after it has been thoroughly examined, a property unit can be added to our catalogue. At this very moment, we have a variety of unique offers that can satisfy any exquisite taste.

Individual approach

‘Individual approach to the client’ is Mercury Group credo. We thoroughly examine all clients’ requests, trying to anticipate all feedback and to offer them the best proposals. Acting in the name and on the behalf of the client, our professional realtors coordinate and guide them through the whole process of purchasing, selling, or letting the property abroad.

The individual approach not only takes into account clients’ interests to the object. We also scrutinize clients’ characteristics, as all preferences reflect a person’s identity and individuality.

Our core principle is our working style, which is based on a personal approach. We believe that our clients should not just be provided with a good service, but with genuine assistance.

Everything for our client

We are guided by the following principle “Your values are our values”. It is important for us not just to provide a service, but to form strong and trustworthy partnership relations. Our goal is to create a feeling of convenience and safety. We are always ready to discuss details and always look after the clients’ interests, while they make a property investment. 

Impeccable reputation and credibility

In fact rather than in word, we endeavour to inspire confidence and loyalty by forming transparent relations with our partners and clients. Due to our corporate policy, qualitative approach, and professionalism we have succeeded in earning customers’ loyalty and excellent references. It is the best complement for us, when our clients endorse our services and recommend us to their friends.

Safe deals

We guarantee 100% safety and privacy of property dealings abroad. Well-experienced international lawyers and realtors control each and every stage of the deal; all terms of the deal are clear and presented in detail. All properties, presented in our catalogue are inspected for safety. Furthermore, we specifically focus on privacy policy, protection of your financial assets, and personal data.

High Professionalism 

In Mercury Group work efficient, highly motivated and highly educated specialists with excellent language skills. Our workers have vast practical experience and always develop their skills, by attending professional training courses, exhibitions, and seminars.

As our team specializes in foreign elite estate, we can make attractive and profitable propositions for your investments.


Mercury Group rapidly develops not only clients, but also a partner database. We have contracts with leading companies from Europe, USA and Asia. Our partners are large property developers, banks, law firms, and other real estate companies. Close and trust-based relations allow us to solve any problem that may occur during the purchase, selling or leasing a residential or commercial property quickly and efficiently.

High quality of service 

What is the difference between companies offering similar types of services? Why does a client turn to one company in preference to another? We are confident that the answer lies in the standard of service. Everyone wants to get more, than just good service – to be sure that the company is on your side and is ready to solve any problems that crop up, that the employee will also be a nice person you feel you can trust. Our specialists are always trying to do more, than they are ought to.

Constant development

Mercury Group is among stable and constantly developing international real estate agencies. Being aware of the responsibility to our clients, partners and to corporate employees, we are aimed to be on leading positions, reaching new progress in rendering real estate services. Sustained growth is one of the priorities of our corporate ethics. Mercury Group work is based on both coherent business and high standards of relations between the company and its clients.

Objectivness and self-sufficiency 

Objectiveness and self-sufficiency – these are the principals we follow. Our opinion is not influenced by contractors, other estate agencies, the government, or financial institutions. It is important for us to offer you that kind of information about premium class estate purchasing, selling, dwelling that is impartial and objective.

Favourable terms of collaboration

Our proposition - is mutually beneficial co-operation, where the interests of all those involved are taken into account. We guarantee a high quality service and get direct compensation in return.

Dealing with any project, Mercury Group will offer you an elite property for the best price. We are always searching for favourable terms and discounts, and you can be assured that our clients will always get, what they want. 

Effective ways to move the property 

These days, if you work in real estate and want to advertise something, it is not enough to use standard methods of marketing. Over the years, Mercury Group has developed its own effective methods for promotion and interest growth to real estate properties. We have devised a variety of marketing strategies, advertisements, and methods for attracting investors to the projects of any complexity.

Premium real estate company Mercury Group

Benefits of working with us


Behind our reputation primarily stands our professional approach. One of our principal values of Mercury Group is our clients’ reliance. High quality service standards have established our name, and we cherish it a lot. Among our clients are private investors, property developers, funds and companies, but in partners we have famous real estate companies. Their opinions and recommendations have put us on a list of top world-known premium class estate agencies.

We are known and credible, and that is the highest motivation for Mercury Group.


Our business transparency and integrity provide us not only with a solid reputation, but also stability in the real estate market, which in recent years has seen difficult times due to various crises. But throughout this, Mercury Group has managed to maintain a confident position in an elite real estate segment by paying heed to our clients and their interests. 

Our team

Our team consists of active and goal-oriented specialists who know all the ins and outs of property markets in many countries. Our extensive experience qualifies us to examine all the perspectives of foreign markets, and to offer our clients profitable premium class estate capital projects.

Privacy Policy

We guarantee complete anonymity of your personal data. We do not divulge your information to other parties, and do not use it for marketing. Personal data protection is our main priority. 


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