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Croatia is a country of hospitable people and unique natural beauty.

The azure waters of the Adriatic Sea are washed by snow-white beaches, the emerald greenery of numerous islands stands out brightly against the backdrop of majestic mountain ranges, and the original architecture of ancient cities tells its own special stories and legends. Eastern, European and Slavic cultures, a high standard of living, excellent healthcare and clean environment are organically intertwined here.

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Best real estate deals in Croatia

€ 330 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145765 Croatia, Northern Dalmatia
€ 315 462 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145764 Croatia, Istria
€ 430 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145763 Croatia, Zagreb
€ 350 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145762 Croatia, Northern Dalmatia
€ 350 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145761 Croatia, Northern Dalmatia
€ 330 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HR-191-145760 Croatia, Northern Dalmatia


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