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  • ID: PT-136-123712
  • Luxury propery price € 1 200 000 € 1 200 000
House • For sale
  • ID: PT-136-120140
  • Luxury propery price € 635 000 € 635 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-136-120134
  • Luxury propery price € 1 100 000 € 1 100 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-136-120133
  • Luxury propery price € 450 000 € 450 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-136-120130
  • Luxury propery price € 310 000 € 310 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-136-119803
  • Luxury propery price € 590 000 € 590 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119025
  • Luxury propery price € 890 000 € 890 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119024
  • Luxury propery price € 735 000 € 735 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119019
  • Luxury propery price € 1 250 000 € 1 250 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119018
  • Luxury propery price € 2 800 000 € 2 800 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • Farm 5 Bedrooms
  • Property location Portugal, Porto Metropolitan Area (North Region), Barcelos
  • Land area 6000 m2
  • Bedrooms 5 rooms
  • ID: PT-175-119017
  • Luxury propery price € 750 000 € 750 000
Investment project • For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119016
  • Luxury propery price € 710 000 € 710 000
Apartment • For sale
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  • ID: PT-175-118729
  • Luxury propery price € 1 250 000 € 1 250 000
For sale
  • ID: PT-175-119012
  • Luxury propery price € 545 000 € 545 000

Property in Portugal

An excellent climate, a variety of nature, architecture, culture and economic stability are all Portugal. A country of contrasts, in which life is filled with friendliness and joy. Buying property in Portugal is the right decision.

You will ensure yourself a calm and vibrant life, a vacation by the sea or walks in cities that surprise with their architectural sights. To be a landlord in Portugal means to become part of a country where there is eternal sun, sea and beautiful landscapes.

Portugal real estate on the coast

To come to rest in a country that gives you the opportunity to breathe clean air, bask in the sun and enjoy the national color. Real estate in Portugal prices from 60 thousand euros, which is considered affordable and quickly payback.

Having a home in a resort town is not only pleasant, but also beneficial. An investment that will generate income on a regular basis, and for this you just need to buy real estate in Portugal. Hundreds of tourists visit the country every day, which means that housing will be in demand.

Portugal residence permit

In Portugal, you can buy real estate on favorable terms, and at an affordable price. In the north, the cost of objects is cheaper, in the center - a little more expensive. Real estate in Portugal by the sea is a dream that you can realize today. Invested money will return in a matter of years, and besides, you can always come to rest by the sea yourself or even get a residence permit. Now there are many offers from which you can definitely choose a property that meets your requirements and budget.

Popular questions about buying property in Portugal

  • Yes, foreigners can buy real estate in Portugal and invest in business projects. The procedure for buying real estate is the same for everyone, regardless of citizenship.

  • To apply for a residence permit card, applicants choose one of seven investment options. Among them are the purchase of real estate, investment in business, contribution to scientific and cultural projects.

    Most often, investors invest in real estate. There are several options, the most popular of which are:

    • purchase of real estate older than 30 years with subsequent restoration in the amount of 350 thousand euros. If the object is also located in a sparsely populated area, its cost can start from 280 thousand euros.
    • investments in commercial real estate (buying a share in a tourist facility, for example, a hotel unit) in any region of Portugal from 350 thousand euros;
    • purchase of new real estate in the amount of 500 thousand euros.

    Five years after obtaining a residence permit, the investor and his relatives have the right to apply for permanent residence or citizenship. However, there is no need to live in Portugal permanently. To maintain the status of a residence permit, it is enough to spend only 7 days a year in the country.

  • Real estate prices in Portugal are among the fastest growing in all of Europe: the price per square meter is growing on average by 2% every quarter!

    Buying property in Portugal - you get a very liquid asset!

    The dynamics of prices for Portuguese real estate is ahead of the dynamics of the EU as a whole. Since 2010, the cost of housing in Portugal has increased by 75%, and in the European Union - by 48%.

    The price per square meter strongly depends on the region of Portugal: the most expensive housing is located in large cities - Lisbon and Porto, as well as in the resorts of the country.

    The average cost per square meter of housing in Portugal as of December 2022 is 2415 euros.

    Average cost per square meter by region:

    • Lisbon €3,812 (+4% compared to 2021)
    • Faro €2,981 (+16% compared to 2021)
    • Porto €2,382 (+5% compared to 2021)
    • Madeira €2,312 (+23% compared to 2021)
    • Stamp duty - 0.8% of the property value
    • Transfer of ownership tax (IMT) - from 0% to 8% of the value of the property, depending on the value of the object (if the value of the object is from 287 thousand euros to 574 thousand euros, IMT is 8%)
    • Real estate tax (annual) - 0.3-0.8% of the cadastral value of real estate
    • Tax on rental income if the owner rents out the property - 25%
    • Medical insurance - from 400 euros per person
    • TIN (Portuguese TIN and guarantee for one year) - 400 euros
    • Bank account (preparation of documents, escort to the bank, correspondence with the bank, process support) - 1000 euros
    • Golden Visa Investor application process (consultation, preparation and submission of documents to the immigration service, process support) - 4000 euros
    • The process of applying for a Golden Visa for a family (preparation and submission of documents, support) - 1000 euros,
    • Extension: for an investor - 1000 euros, for a family - 500 euros.
    • Translations and certification of documents (certified translations and certification of documents by a notary) - 300 euros + 300 euros
    • SEF (fee when submitting documents for consideration to the Foreigners and Borders Service) - 540 euros
    • Golden Visa card (fee upon approval of the process) - 5,391 euros
  • All foreigners have the full right to study in public schools in Portugal and there are no restrictions. The child will be accepted even if he does not speak Portuguese. They also offer free extracurricular activities.

    In public schools, education is free, parents only pay for meals and extended classes.

  • Medical services included in the list of mandatory services are free for residents of Portugal. Non-citizens of the country who have a residence permit, along with citizens of the country, have the right not to have free medicine. To do this, you need to make contributions to the Social Security Fund. The amount of deductions depends on the amount of income.

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