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Mercury Group provides comprehensive legal support for real estate transactions abroad.

Handling real estate transactions abroad is quite a complex process, falling into the category of high risk and requiring specific regulatory knowledge at the international level. The procedure consists of several stages, including legal examination of documents, drafting purchase or lease agreements, and obtaining title deeds.

For non-residents, this is further complicated by the peculiarities of local legislative norms. Therefore, competent legal support is a guarantee of the security of your property, absence of risks in the future, and time savings.


A real estate transaction abroad typically involves several stages and takes approximately 2 months:



1. The seller and the buyer sign a purchase offer, which documents the intention to carry out the transaction. It includes the price, property specifications, terms of deposit payment, and deadlines.

2. A draft contract is prepared, along with gathering all necessary documents, and the deposit amount is paid. The buyer and seller then sign the contract in the presence of a notary public.

3. The deed is registered in the property registry, and the transfer of ownership rights takes place.


  • Preparation of document
  • Drafting purchase or lease agreements
  • Verification of property for legal clearness
  • Taxation consultation for real estate in specific country
  • Acquisition of property title documents
  • Registration of real estate with governmental authorities


Our experience in concluding international transactions and close cooperation with lawyers worldwide enable us to provide reliable and transparent support for real estate transactions.

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