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Italy is, without exaggeration, a country that has everything. Beach holidays near warm clear seas and ski resorts, a rich cultural heritage and a developed fashion and shopping industry. Also delicious food and the best wine. What else does a person need to be happy? Buy real estate in Italy from Mercury Group Ltd and discover new facets of amazing and fabulous Italy.


Best real estate deals in Italy

€ 1 200 000 House, For sale
ID: IT-39-144492 Italy, Liguria, Portovenere
€ 1 200 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: IT-39-144491 Italy, Toscana, Lucca
€ 1 200 000 House, For sale
ID: IT-39-144490 Italy, Liguria, Genova
€ 1 250 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: IT-39-144489 Italy, Liguria, Alassio
€ 1 250 000 House, For sale
ID: IT-39-143945 Italy, Liguria, Imperia
€ 1 300 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: IT-39-143944 Italy, Liguria, Alassio


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