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Great Britain is the oldest European state with a rich history, amazing culture and a special aristocratic spirit.

Which side of the UK is closer to you - colorful Scotland, the heritage of the Celts and the virgin nature of Wales, the pulse of lively London, or maybe Irish pubs? Buy real estate in the UK from Mercury Group Ltd in the corner of the country that is closest to your heart!


Best real estate deals Great Britain

€ 5 612 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115532 Great Britain, England, London
€ 1 970 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115531 Great Britain, England, London
€ 781 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115530 Great Britain, England, London
€ 845 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115529 Great Britain, England, London
€ 874 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115528 Great Britain, England, London
€ 1 342 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: UK-143-115527 Great Britain, England, London




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