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€ 574 300 Apartment, For sale
ID: AE-OM-141043 UAE, Dubai, Jebel Ali
€ 366 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: AE-OM-141039 UAE, Dubai, Jebel Ali
€ 3 845 000 Land, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-140078 UAE, Dubai, Mohammad Bin Rashid City
€ 500 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: AE-171-136373 UAE, Dubai, Al Jaddaf
€ 3 900 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-136223 UAE, Dubai, Bluewaters Island
€ 2 714 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-136090 UAE, Dubai, Bluewaters Island
€ 1 709 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-136089 UAE, Dubai, Bluewaters Island
€ 880 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-135314 UAE, Dubai, Business Bay
€ 490 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-135313 UAE, Dubai, Business Bay
€ 3 500 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-135176 UAE, Dubai, Business Bay
€ 500 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: AE-DA-135038 UAE, Dubai, Business Bay
€ 545 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: OW-OAE-134898 UAE, Dubai, Downtown Dubai


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Buying Property in Dubai

Gorgeous restaurants, stunning views of the bay or rivers, numerous parks and attractions: in Dubai you will definitely not get bored. Therefore, a huge number of tourists visit this city. Sale of real estate in Dubai is strengthening its position, according to statistics, every year the number of people who want to buy real estate in the Emirates is growing by 2-3%.

Features of real estate in Dubai

Now buying a home in Dubai is much easier than five years ago. The authorities have an active policy to attract foreigners, thanks to which:

  • The cost of housing in Dubai has declined
  • There is no property tax, resale or rental property.
  • A residence visa is provided when purchasing a home.


Interesting: when purchasing real estate for more than 1 million dirhams (approximately 273 thousand dollars), the investor receives a resident visa for five or more years. With this document you become an insider among the locals.

Reasons to buy an apartment in Dubai

The city is constantly evolving and is one of the most prestigious in the world. According to tourist attendance, it takes 4 place.

Apartments in Dubai have a lot of advantages:

  • Large living areas.
  • Beautiful views.
  • The proximity of the sea.


If you like to relax on a grand scale, among a noisy but beautiful city, then Dubai is the best choice. You do not have to live here all year round; you can rent out your property. This service is extremely popular in the city due to the wide flow of tourists and employees of large corporations.

With us, buying a property in Dubai will be easy. We will make a selection of offers in the city, taking into account all your requirements. Did not find the right option? Contact us, we will provide a complete list of apartments and other real estate for sale in the city, which is not published on our website.

Luxury Real Estate in the UAE

The UAE is a country of luxury, modern technology and elite real estate. If you are focused on buying status housing that can justify its price, the local real estate market will offer many options. The UAE has a high concentration of the best premium properties. In demand among buyers are ultra-modern penthouses with panoramic views of the city or the waterfront (which depends on location), luxury villas with a large area and well-maintained territory. UAE is a country with luxury in every detail. Buying real estate in Abu Dhabi is the right decision.

Abu Dhabi Real Estate

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is attracting more and more people. It is one of the richest and most expensive cities in the world. The city has its origins in Islamic tradition, which has carried over into modern times, with the roots still preserved. Our company offers a wide range of accommodation, from comfortable flats to luxury villas on the coast. The choice of neighbourhood depends on your preferences. For example, if you want to live near the beach, you can find accommodation near Corniche Street.

Buying a home in the city is an opportunity to settle in the most beautiful spot of the world. Sights, restaurants, swimming in the Persian Gulf - all this awaits every resident of the capital. Villas on one of the islands will satisfy even the most demanding buyers. The symbol of the capital luxury is the Etihad Towers. Real estate in Abu Dhabi is diverse, so you can opt for a flat, villa, townhouse.

Buy Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

Our company is one of the leading real estate agencies abroad. We offer a large number of options to choose from, and work in accordance with the wishes of our clients. Legal support of the transaction allows us to competently draw up documents, protect the client from risk, and take care of all the purchase complexities. With our help you will be able to get all the information about the real estate. Prices for real estate in Abu Dhabi depend on the area and repair condition, as well as location.

Buying real estate in Abu Dhabi

The catalog offers a wide range of accommodation: apartments, exclusive flats, villas, so you can find exactly what you like. Buying real estate in Abu Dhabi starts with selecting the right criteria: neighborhood, area, renovation and decor level, complex arrangement, cost. In whatever point of the city you choose housing, it will have a beautiful view of the city, the coast and architectural monuments. The peculiarity of housing in the city is its large area. Even one-room flats are so spacious that they seem like apartments.

If you want to live in a bustling yet beautiful city that is filled with luxury, Abu Dhabi is the best option. Warm sea, bright sunshine, local color and constant development of technology – this is what beckons into the city. Abu Dhabi is a place for progressive and active people.

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