Real Estate Purchase

Mercury Group offers the best conditions for real estate purchase abroad.

We not only deal exclusively with premium-class verified real estate worldwide, but we also uphold confidentiality, safeguard the personal data of our clients, and guarantee the security of transactions.

Our company provides a full range of services for those, who are planning to acquire elite housing or commercial property: selection of real estate abroad free of charge; consulting for acquisition of real estate in various countries; detailed presentation and demonstration of real estate units and much more.


Real estate purchase procedure in Latvia:



1. Firstly, we conduct a search for suitable options according to the client's requirements and budget. We will select properties from our open and closed sources free of charge. We plan your visit and create a viewing program for the selected properties

2. Opening an account in a Latvian bank for transferring funds. The service cost averages around 100 euros. If necessary, borrowed funds may be utilized

3. Conducting legal expertise. At this stage, our lawyers meticulously examine the history and documents related to the real estate

4. Before signing the purchase agreement, a preliminary contract is concluded, which serves as a guarantee of completing the transaction

5. According to the terms, a deposit of up to 10% of the contract value is paid, after which the seller withdraws the property from sale. In the event of cancellation, the deposit is not refunded. If the seller terminates the transaction, the deposit is returned double

6. The final purchase agreement is concluded, and the full payment of the property's cost is made

7. State registration. After signing the purchase agreement, the process of obtaining title documents begins. The notary transfers the documents to the land service for the registration of property rights in the Land Register

8. In addition to the main cost of the property, the buyer needs to cover additional expenses such as opening a bank account, notary services (approximately 200 euros), and a state duty (2% of the property's value)





The process of purchasing real estate in Spain follows a similar scheme to that in Latvia. The difference lies in obtaining the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE), which allows for the completion of all official procedures within Spain. To obtain the NIE, a non-resident must have a passport, visa, two photos, fill out an application specifying the purpose of obtaining the number, and pay the government fee. Additionally, the foreigner must pay a state tax of up to 10% of the transaction value, notary expenses, open a bank account, and cover property registration costs.


Foreign citizens can also purchase real estate in the United States. Initially, they need to enter into a contract with a local agent licensed to conduct real estate transactions. Once the property is selected, the buyer submits an offer to the seller regarding the price. If the seller accepts the terms, similar to the process in Latvia and Spain, a letter of intent is signed, and a deposit is made. The final stage involves signing the purchase agreement in the presence of a notary, registering ownership, and obtaining mandatory insurance. Afterward, the owner can freely manage the property, either by renting it out or selling it.



  • Free selection of real estate abroad
  • Consultations on purchasing real estate in different countries
  • Detailed presentation and demonstration of objects
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit, preparation of necessary documents
  • Development of a design project for your new home
  • A full package of concierge services



Our experienced experts will advise you on the real estate purchase, and will accompany you at all stages of the transaction!

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