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Safe and cozy Hungary, located in the very center of Europe, attracts expats with its amazing architecture and history, picturesque nature, thermal springs, delicious cuisine and affordable prices for living.

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Best real estate deals in hungary

€ 315 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HU-226-147656 Hungary, Budapest
€ 447 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HU-226-139182 Hungary, Budapest
€ 332 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HU-226-139181 Hungary, Budapest
€ 820 000 Apartment, For sale
ID: HU-226-138435 Hungary, Budapest
€ 670 000 Penthouse, For sale
ID: HU-226-138302 Hungary, Budapest
€ 470 000 Penthouse, For sale
ID: HU-226-138148 Hungary, Budapest


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New updates to Hungary's "Golden Visa" program
Hungarian residence permit: a unique offer for investors
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