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  • ID: GR-152-72068
  • Luxury propery price € 515 000 € 515 000
House •
  • ID: GR-152-72065
  • Luxury propery price € 510 000 € 510 000
House •
  • ID: GR-152-72062
  • Luxury propery price € 415 000 € 415 000
House •
  • ID: GR-152-72060
  • Luxury propery price € 552 000 € 552 000
House •
  • ID: GR-152-71710
  • Luxury propery price € 380 000 € 380 000
Twin Houses •
  • ID: GR-64-127991
  • Luxury propery price € 360 000 € 360 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127990
  • Luxury propery price € 375 000 € 375 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127989
  • Luxury propery price € 380 000 € 380 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127988
  • Luxury propery price € 330 000 € 330 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127987
  • Luxury propery price € 350 000 € 350 000
Mansion, castle, estate • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127986
  • Luxury propery price € 310 000 € 310 000
Apartment • For sale
  • ID: GR-64-127985
  • Luxury propery price € 500 000 € 500 000
Land • For sale
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For sale
  • ID: GR-35-87815
  • Luxury propery price € 2 500 000 € 2 500 000
  • Property location Greece, Dodecanese, Rhodes
  • Apartment/building area 23160 m2
  • Land area 23160 m2
For sale
  • ID: GR-35-80718
  • Luxury propery price € 350 000 € 350 000
  • Property location Greece, Aegean Islands, Thessaloniki
  • Land area 8478 m2

Buying property in Greece is easy

Dreaming of a mild and comfortable climate? Want to have a place where you can go and relax without worrying about hotels? Then buy a property in Greece will be a great solution. Here is a wide selection for every taste.

Reasons to buy property in Greece

The country has the most comfortable conditions, excellent cuisine and easy to learn language. Many people choose property in Greece for recreation and health improvement. There are several reasons to buy a villa in Greece:

  • Obtaining a golden residence permit when buying real estate from 250 thousand euros.
  • The possibility of renting an apartment or villa during the tourist period.
  • The price of apartments in the next couple of years may rise.

Real estate in Greece by the sea will be an excellent financial investment. The flow of tourists annually increases, which makes it possible to rent a villa or apartment. As a result, you get passive income. Thanks to the highly developed air service, it will not be difficult to fly to Greece from Russia or another country. There are many charter flights with the best prices.

In Greece, obtaining a visa after buying a property is the cheapest compared to Europe. Here the extremely loyal conditions for its receipt.

Why you should contact us

Our company is engaged in the selection of apartments and villas for a long time. In recent years, the sale of real estate in Greece has increased significantly. It is worth contacting us for the following reasons:

  • Selection of real estate according to the best criteria.
  • All apartments and villas have been tested for documentation and specifications.
  • Local realtors do not want to work with foreign citizens.

 If you are looking for a reliable partner for buying property in Greece, then you have found it. Our experience and knowledge will help to complete a transaction quickly and cleanly. Have a question? Contact our consultants. They can help with choosing the area where it is best to buy property.

Popular questions about buying property in Greece

  • Yes they can. The purchase procedure is the same as for local residents.

  • The Greek Golden Visa is a residence permit obtained through real estate investment.

  • A residence permit in Greece can be obtained through the purchase of real estate.

    The minimum investment in real estate to obtain a residence permit is 250,000 euros. Important: from May 1, 2023, the price for obtaining a residence permit when investing in real estate will double - from 250 thousand euros to 500 thousand euros. The new conditions will be valid only in 36 municipalities of the country (in other regions, the cost threshold will remain the same - 250 thousand euros). Read more here.

  • Permanent residence in Greece can only be obtained after 5 years of residence permit extension. That is, you first need to get a residence permit and renew it every year. It is impossible to get permanent residence in Greece immediately through the purchase of real estate.

  • The average cost of housing in Greece is 1900 euros per square meter. In Athens, the cost of housing from a reliable developer is 3,000 euros per square meter.

  • The total costs of the buyer are as follows:

    • Property Transfer Tax 3.09%
    • Legal support of the transaction 1.5% (+VAT 24%)
    • Notary 1.5% (+ VAT 24%)
    • Real estate services 2% (+VAT 24%)
    • Registration of the contract in the real estate register 0.6%
  • The cost of utilities in Greece for an apartment of 85 m² is from 100 euros per month.

    The annual property tax ranges from 0.001 to 13 euros per square meter. The calculation takes into account the age of the object, its location and the objective cost per square meter in the region. The rate is progressive: from 0.1 to 1.5%.

    Also, the owner of the property must pay an annual municipal tax in the amount of 0.025 to 0.035% of the value of the property.

  • Rental income is taxed on a progressive scale:

    • Up to 12,000 euros - 15%
    • From 12,000 to 35,000 euros - 35%
    • Over 35,000 euros - 45%
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