Residence permit

If you purchasing an elite real estate abroad, you are not only investing in your future, but you can also obtain a temporary residence permit in the European Union.

Many European Union countries offer property investors a residence permit. Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, and Hungary offer the most attractive conditions.

Basically, the key condition is the cost of the property. Spain and Portugal, for example, offer a residence permit when you invest in a property starting from €500,000; Cyprus, Bulgaria and Greece when the figure runs to €300,000. In Latvia it starts from €250,000. The most flexible terms are in Hungary where you can obtain a residence permit if you buy a property at any price.

A residence permit may be granted for a period of 1 to 5 years, and may be extended.



  • All members of your family (wife/husband, children) may get a residence permit;
  • It allows you to stay in the European union all year*;
  • It allows you to go to school/ university, run a business, get medical support, financing and even deposit money in banks for safety;
  • Later, you and your family have the opportunity to obtain citizenship.


The list of documents**:

  • Purchase/sale agreement;
  • Valid passports for investors and their family members;
  • Application for a residence permit;
  • Certificate of good health;
  • Health insurance;
  • Certificate of good conduct.

*Some countries have a fixed minimum term per year of being nationwide. In order to maintain a residence permit in Hungary, for example, you should stay there at least 183 days a year.

**The list of documents is conditional and may vary in accordance with the laws of a country.


Mercury Group offers full assistance in obtaining a residence permit in the European Union. We will advise you on all the details and peculiarities, and help you to become part of the European Union.

In what European country to obtain a residence permit?

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