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Premium property renting

Premium class property rental is the best way to spend an unforgettable vacation and stay for some time in another country in comfort. This service would interest embassy workers, company owners, non-resident aliens, and those going on vacation with their family or friends.

Mercury Group specializes in seasonal, long, or short term renting. Our specialists will help you to rent an apartment or a penthouse in capital cities, a cottage, a ski resort chalet or a luxurious villa by the sea. 

The Mercury Group catalogue has hundreds of rental proposals with detailed apartment plans and infrastructure. All units have a convenient geographical location, practical apartment plan and interesting design. By customer request, we can offer apartments with secure fencing, furnished or empty, outdoor patios, personal swimming pools, and Jacuzzi.

We can offer the perfect option for leisure, according to your requirements – luxurious apartments and villas on famous European, Asian, or American resorts for seasonal or short term renting (from several days to several months):

- for living we offer town residences to those who have decided to live or work in a new city (one year and more);

- for business we can offer “A” or “B” class offices, restaurants, hotels, and industrial premises.


If you choose our foreign rental services, you will receive:

  • A selection of apartments for living (flats, villas, houses, cottages, lofts, etc.) and for work (offices, restaurants, and warehouses);
  • A viewing of the chosen apartments, insight into the frastructure and the region;
  • Issuing of all required documents;
  • Help with moving out and moving in;
  • Complete information privacy.


Save your time and trust us to choose a perfect place for your leisure and life.

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For sale
  • ID: ME-22-71706
  • Luxury propery price upon request EUR upon request EUR
  • Property location Montenegro, Budva riviera, Bečići
  • Apartment/building area 562 m2
  • Bedrooms 4 bedrooms
For sale
  • ID: ME-22-68756
  • Luxury propery price 1 750 000 EUR 1 750 000 EUR
  • Property location Montenegro, Tivat and the surrounding area, Lepetane

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