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€ 964 000 Hotel, For sale
ID: ME-237-151368 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 450 000 Hotel, For sale
ID: ME-237-151367 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 590 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151362 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 449 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151355 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Susanj
€ 525 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151345 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 890 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151338 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Sutomore
€ 1 060 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151334 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 397 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151326 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 315 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151321 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bjelisi
€ 335 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151320 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Sutomore
€ 1 250 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151317 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Bar
€ 335 000 House, For sale
ID: ME-237-151313 Montenegro, Bar riviera, Sutomore

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Popular questions about buying property in Montenegro

  • In the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, the average cost of housing is 1,683 euros per m² in new buildings and 1,150 euros per m² in the secondary market.

    Real estate in coastal cities costs on average 1,445 euros per m². In popular resorts, real estate prices are higher:

    in Budva - 1,838 € per m²;

    in Tivat - 1,870 € per m²;

    in Kotor - 2 025 € per m².

  • Yes, it is possible. There is no minimum housing cost. That is, you can buy real estate of any value and apply for a residence permit.

  • The Montenegrin citizenship program through real estate investment was closed on December 31, 2022. Now it is impossible to obtain Montenegrin citizenship through the purchase of real estate.

  • When purchasing housing on the secondary market, the buyer pays a tax on the transfer of ownership in the amount of 3%. When buying on the primary market, this tax is paid by the developer.

    When buying an object in the primary market, VAT is paid in the amount of 21%, which is already included in the cost of the object.

    The annual property ownership tax ranges from 0.25 to 1% of the cadastral value of the property (depending on the location of the property).

    When renting out a property, the owner pays a capital gains tax of 9% on total income.

  • Compared to other European countries, the amount of utility bills in Montenegro is low. For example, utilities for an 85 m² apartment cost about 95 euros per month on average. Electricity is paid depending on the selected tariff. The cost at a fixed rate is 4.49 euro cents/kWh, at a differentiated rate - for the first 150 kWh - 4.84 euro cents/kWh, at night - 2.42 euro cents/kWh.

  • Montenegrin banks are very reluctant to issue mortgages and loans to foreigners. At the moment, only Erste Bank works with foreigners. In any case, to obtain a loan, you need to have a residence permit in the country.

  • Yes, it is possible, but only if you purchase real estate directly from the developer at the off-plan stage of the project. The payment plan is negotiated individually with the developer. For example, in Lustica Bay, the down payment is 15-20%, the rest is paid over 3 years.

  • Yes, they can. Any foreigner can buy a plot up to 5,000 m2 as an individual. For plots over 5,000 m2, it is necessary to open a company and make a purchase for it. For foreigners, the same procedure for buying a land plot as for locals. Read more about the terms of land acquisition and construction in Montenegro here.

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