Mortgage credit lending

A mortgage in a foreign bank is a convenient and more efficient way to acquire real estate abroad.

The main advantage of mortgage credit lending abroad is the loyal interest rates. Thus, fixed mortgage rates in Europe and the United States vary within the bounds of 3-6% per annum. Banks are usually granting between 50% - 80% of the required amount to the residents.

Bank policy in relation to the potential borrower is quite simple. The investor should prove a source of  income that allows the interest and the loan amount to be covered. Banks may also ask for information about solvency history and availability of other real estate in the country of residence of the investor.

The most popular countries among the foreigners for mortgage receipt are Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain, and France. It is easier to receive a mortgage in these countries than, for example, in Italy or the UK.


Mortgages in Latvia

Latvian banks are quite happy to grant mortgages for non-residents. An important stage in the process of loan receipt in Latvia is confirmation of the investor’s funds. Loan interest rates are between 5-7%, on average, but some banks offer lower interest rates for non-residents with high purchasing power. In order to obtain a mortgage in Latvia, it is also required to have at least 40% of the cost of the property and to open an account in the bank, granting the loan.


Mortgages in Spain

The investor has to pay about 10% of tax levies and to have about 40% of the cost of the acquired real estate. Interest rates in Spanish banks are between 4-5%, on average. There is also the possibility of early repayment of the mortgage with no penalties.


Mortgages in France

The lending policy of French banks makes mortgaging in France one of the safest and most popular. France imposes more stringent requirements for potential borrowers, but this is compensated by low interest rates - from 1.9 to 3.5% and the loan amount of up to 70% of the cost of real estate. Mortgage repayment period in France is 30 years with the possibility of early repayment.


Mortgages in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is another country where obtaining a mortgage can be fairly straightforward. The foreign borrower needs to make an initial payment of 40-60% of the cost of real estate. Rates are defined at the level of 4-6% per annum. Early repayment of mortgage is also possible.


Mortgages in USA

Interest rates for foreigners who wish to obtain a loan in a US bank are much higher than for the residents. Nevertheless, it is possible to receive a mortgage in the USA. Possession of a green card or work visa, along with a letter of reference from a foreign bank will significantly simplify the process of receiving a mortgage in the USA. The average cost of US credit, depending on the state and other factors, is 4-6% per annum. Initial payment will be between 30% -50%. We will provide detailed information on the elite real estate lending process in your country of interest, we will assess your situation and will provide assistance in obtaining a mortgage in a foreign bank at the most favourable terms.*

A provisional list of documents required for the review of application for granting a mortgage:**

  • Valid passport of the investor;
  • Information about income;
  • Certificate of absence of debts;
  • Confirmation of the solvency on the initial payment and other expenses related to the acquisition of real estate;
  • Draft of the real estate purchase agreement.


* Terms and conditions of mortgage lending for EU citizens and non-EU residents may differ** In addition, foreign banks may request other documents confirming the solvency and reliability of the client. 

** In addition, foreign banks may request other documents confirming the solvency and reliability of the client.


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