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Gianpietro Carretta
Sale of apartment in Riga., 2014

The agent (Alina Pakalne) was efficient, motivated, and very professional. She was able to sell my property in two months at the best market price. She helped me and followed me thought all steps of sale, papers, bank, and notary.

Uldis Kaufmanis
Dzivoklis, 2015

Ar Jūsu kompānijas starpniecību esam noīrējuši labu dzīvokli labā vietā. Ja turpmāk būs nepieciešams atrast labu dzīvokli sazināšos ar Jūsu kompāniju.

Aleksandra Stanković
Apartment rent in Riga., 2015

My agent was Olga. Working with her was really pleasure. She really care for customer and for what we are need from the apartment we are looking for. She devoted to her job and she is very up to date, answer quickly to all my requests. And always ready to help me even if it is not connect with our usual business, for example with some good advice because I was first time in Riga. And of course she find me good place to stay here, just what I was looking for. I would surely like to work with that kind of person. I am travelling a lot because of nature of my job, but it is really rear to find such a professionally agent.

Filip Eskilsson
Rent apartment, Riga., 2015

My impression was a serious good treatment of us as costumers. We received information needed and meetings were correctly arranged and kept on time. Nice people with good intentions, overall a very good impression.

Мария Кузнецова
Квартира, 2015

Большое спасибо Ольге, за помощь в поиске апартаментов. Особенно хочу отметить оперативность и профессионализм в подборе и показе квартир, а также увлекательный рассказ про Юрмалу :)

Kari Wahlroos
Rental apartment in Riga, 2015

I want to personally thank you for the great effort of Julia to find me perfect rental, after many attempt !!!

Hannu Houni
Town house rent in Riga., 2015

We were looking rent apartment for our family with Olga. Very helpful and professional way of working from the beginning until the end of cooperation.

Soma Singh
Apartment rent in Riga., 2015

It was apparent to me that you not only do your job extremely good, but you also have a very high level of patience and willingness to ensure customer satisfaction . You are a Credit to your profession and I give you " 15 out of 10 Stars "!

Carlos Roso
Short term rent, 2006

Hello Irina, Due to your absence, we had to deal with Tatjana (which was a real pleasure for us, for her kindness and efficiency). We have been in Riga during the last weekend, already. We took that appt. actually, well furnished, perfectly placed. Very handy and nice. We were quite pleased during our stay and we think we will contact your company again for our next visits to Riga. Give our regards to Tatjana and accept my thank you for your care.

Short term rent, 2007

Hi Irina, Hope that you are well. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for helping us to arrange everything for last weekend. I really enjoyed the visit and the apartment was great. I'm hoping to make another visit soon, I'll be back in touch as soon as I know the dates. Thank you!

Atle & Gordon
Short term rent, 2007

Hello Irina!!! I just want you to know that my friend Gordon and I were both very satisfied with the apartment we rented from you, and also your excellent service from the time of booking to the early morning pick up. We will definitely use your services again in the future! Thank you!!

Array, 2007

Thank you very much for organizing everything again. We had a great trip! Thanks!

Buy to let service, 2007

I have found RentApartmentInRiga very interested in helping and hospitable. Ongoing I am excited about the possibility of doing more business with them and will be in touch when I am next there.

Buy to let service, 2007

I wanted to thank you for all your help in finding a flat for me to buy in Riga and later rent it out. Your service was extremely helpful and professional and certainly made everything a lot easier. Thanks very much !

Web Site, 2007

Very nice and informative site! I especially like the ease of use and navigation! Thank you for creating it!

Thankful client
Short term rent, 2007

Hi Girls, Many thanks for you and your services, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. I have enjoyed to stay in Latvia and maybe I will come back one day, because the cooperation with my Latvian employer has been very good and they may have some new projects in future.

Katja i Sergej
Short term rent, 2007

Spasibo za gostepriimstvo i zabotu ... =) Katja i Sergej

Mandar Patel
Short term rent, 2007

I came to Riga for 5 weeks and i hired the apartment through your representative. I am thankful for her assistance and service. Thank you. Best regards!

Bas, Robert, Eybeal
Short term rent, 2008

Thanks for a great stay! Greetings from Holland,

Myran & Marshal
Short term rent, 2008

Fantastic Apartment at Elizabetes Street, ID 60, very spacious with great facilities, perfect for couples. Would highly recommend to anyone! England

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