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Valerie, Germany.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017

Great service, friendly staff. everything went fast and efficient.

Лана, Россия.
Дом в Юрмале, покупка., 2017

Хотим поблагодарить Mercury Group Estate Latvio в лице Загайновой Ольги за помощь в приобретении недвижимости в Юрмале. Большое спасибо за неоценимую профессиональную помощь в поиске и выборе обьекта и вложенный большой труд при согласовании и заключении договора. Все вопросы решились грамотно. Спасибо за терпение и за результат. Это и принесло свои плоды, нам было комфортно с Вами общаться и работать. Удачи Вам и процветания!

Thomas, Germany
Apartment, 2017

Excellent experience. Thanks to Natalia we had plenty of options and could select our favourite apartment. She did a fatastic job. Very professional, very fluent in English(and Latvian and Russian of course), swift reply to E-Mails at any time, courteous, punctual, apointments at short notice and with immediate understanding what kind of apartment we were looking for and which special wishes we have. Very proactive by sending us lots of proposals which fitted our requirements. Also very helpful when signing the contract, negotiations with landlords and other aspects such as parking space, internet, TV etc. We only had a couple of days in Riga to search for an apartment, thanks to Natalia we could use these days very effectively and sign the contract for our favourite apartment. I will highly recommend Natalia to any of my friends and collegues who are looking for an apartment and appreciate very high quality and excellent service. Thank you very much!

Mathieu Burtin, France.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017

Very nice and efficient people, doing their best to satisfy our wishes and requests.

Roman and Inna, Уфа, Россия.
Аренда квартиры в Риге., 2017

Большая благодарность Паулине - предложила много вариантов размещения, а также устраивала встречи с хозяевами некоторых квартир, которые мы подыскали сами - и всё это в кратчайшие сроки. Также помогла в оформлении договора. Кроме того, рассказала много полезной информации о жизни в Риге, в особенности о магазинах. Спасибо! ======= Many thanks to Paulina - she proposed many rental options, and also arranged meetings with owners of apartments, which we choose by ourselves - and all of it in the shortest time. Also she helped with agreement. Besides, she told a lot of useful information about life in Riga, especially about shopping. Thank you!

Mike And Nadia, Canada.
Great service from Natalia!, 2017

My wife contacted Natalia on the internet to help us find a place to rent in Riga. She was very responsive and helpful in identifying places prior to our arrival to find a house. Once there, she understood quickly what we were looking for and she did not waste our time with houses that were not suitable. She is very professional, dedicated, and hard working. Her English was very good and she speaks both Russian and Latvian. She was helpful in all respects and earnestly walked us through the Latvian process. We found a great place due to her efforts. We highly recommend Natalia!

Albert Avancena, USA.
Apartment search - excellent service provided, 2017

Bogdana was very helpful and great to work with. I initially contacted her after finding an apartment listing in Riga. I was looking for a furnished/serviced apartment for a short term assignment in Latvia. I contacted Bogdana via email and she replied right away. Unfortunately the apartment that I asked about was no longer available, but she asked for more details regarding what I was looking for and quickly replied with some options. We arranged some viewings and I selected an apartment. I explained to her that all items needed to worked though my Company's relocation service provider and she said this would not be a problem. After detailing some items and services that were to be included with the rent, all was finalized and my family and I were able to secure the apartment. On our arrival, Bogdana was again available to help translate and make sure we were settled. She did an amazing job and we are very happy with our apartment. I highly recommend contacting her if you are looking for a place in Riga.

Serhat Culha, Turkey.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017

Paulina was very kind and helpfull to me. She helped me to get the right apartment and thanks to her i am full happy with my new life in Riga!

Sighvatur Bjarnason, Iceland.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia., 2017

We were moving to Riga and looking for an apartment, we found the Mercury Group and we were so lucky that Natalia was our contact. She did a tremendous job searching for what we wanted, always ready to give a good service, replying to e mails any day of the week and taking us to house visits any day of the week. All in all we got a great service and we would recommend everyone to contact Mercury Group when looking for a home in Riga. Natalia thank you for your excellent service.

Daria Lashkevich, Russia.
Rent an apartment in Riga, 2017

Thank you so much for help in seeking an apartment in Riga. We had chosen an apartment before arriving to Riga, but we didn't like it when we arrived to signing the agreement. After that Paulina proposed us other variant and we were able to sign all papers in the shortest time. And, by the way, Paulina helped with a providing of internet in the apartment. Nowadays we enjoy our new home and only thanking Paulina I can make this comment :)

Anna Venderova, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg.
Apartment rent in Riga, Latvia. , 2017

Спасибо Mercury Group, а в особенности Паулине. Помогла подобрать квартиру, показала местную кухню, помогла с симкой, рассказала многое о местном быте. Спасибо еще раз за оказанные услуги.

Maria Pichon
House in Dubai, 2017

We are super happy with the house as well as with yours and Vasile support and professionalism!! Dubai needs more people like you in this business.

Varsha Lohia
Apartment in JLT, 2017

We recently bought an apartment in JLT and the company helped us to find our dream home in our budget. Especially I was very impressed to get excellent service and co-ordination.

Merick Pinto
Apartment un UAE, 2017

Umer farooq is brilliant and help us a lot in getting the apartment and paper works done quickly. Thanks for the good service of Umer and your staff.

R. Subramani
An apartment in Executive Towers, 2017

I recently worked with Imraan and Tarun, who recently helped me purchase an apartment in Executive Towers along with subsequent rental of the same place. I was really impressed by the level of service and commitment during the whole process and will be happy to work with them in the future as opportunities arise.

Linda and Trevor
Long term Rental in Thailand, 2017

Linda and I want to thank you for the excellent service you have given us during the past week in finding and securing our long term rental. We particularly appreciate the many up-dates you gave when there where delays in the process and no real news. Without your constant follows ups, I think the process would have taken much longer and may not have been successful.

Ronald Crane
Property in Patong, 2017

Thank you very much. I'm convinced you will be successful with this new "Patong Sea-View Build Land" advert. You surely are the market leaders in Patong.

Ken Andre
Villa rental, 2017

I have been very pleased with the service and the results the company has provided for the renting of our Villa. The Website is very well organized. The people are great. There have been no issues with deposits, rental payments, or damages. The volume of enquiries and renters has been very good. I am most grateful to have such a wonderful organization working for us.

Claudio Strey
Long term Rental, 2017

I am very happy with real estate service. Only a short while after I listed my 2 condos with them, they managed to find long term rental tenants for both units. The rental of the first unit only just has been agreed ( for 6 months), when suddenly they also found a tenant for my second apartment for 12 months. The company took care of all the paperwork (rental agreement), and secured the deposit and down payment ! They are working very professional, fast and has a large customer base. I have listed my properties with several agents on the island but most of them are just a waste of time.

Anthony and Anne
Lease, 2017

As per our phone discussion yesterday. I would just like to pass on our thanks to real estate company and your team of property caretakers. All dealings and transaction from the commencement of the lease to our departure have been seamless and easy. This made a big difference to our peace of mind while going through the process of settling in a foreign country, unfamiliar with customs and protocols...let alone the language. Our lease arrangement and tenancy always felt like a set and forget arrangement adding to the extended holiday feel. Anand, our caretaker and his team were fantastic, we felt secure and well looked after for the duration. Nothing was ever a problem for Anand and his team. We will be returning in the medium term. We'll be sure to be back to real estate company to browse the properties you have on selection.

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